ASTRA INSPIRES – how to color child’s world?

We invite you to free, two-hour training sessions dedicated to educators from preschools and primary schools, that will familiarize you with art techniques such as drawing, painting and spatial modeling. Step by step we will show you how to perform some inspiring exercises with use of ASTRA brand products!

What can you gain?

- you can improve your educational qualifications in arts
- you can develop your artistic passions and develop your artistic portfolio
- we will show you how to positively influence artistic development of children
- we will teach you how to use arts in therapy

Participants will receive a guide containing many practical solutions and selected arts supplies.

Contact our training coordinator – we will be your best provider from the world of arts!

Trainers team

Martyna Boniewska

Martyna Boniewska

Tel. no. 506 677 844

My specialization is graphic design and marketing. I expanded my previous practice by activities related to building brand image and its positioning. My task is to find a simple and creative visual solutions for basic products which are an integral part of building an educational program for children

Sylwia Balcerak

Sylwia Balcerak

Tel. no. 506 677 751

Teaching profession bears a great burden of responsibility for children's development and creating imagination. I also have a teaching diploma, which is why cooperation with teachers fills me with such energy. Our wide product range offers innumerable opportunities, which I am willing to present during the training.